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Is my very first post and normally never bother to do so but feel obligated to let others know of this incredibly vivacious, intelligent and stunningly beautiful woman. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have come across her advertisement and was quickly responded to with easy conversation back and forth. We have had a few instances in the past where someone is much different than their photos. Not the case here at all and she suggested lounge meeting and if not her would simply leave and requested nothing for her time!! Classy to say the least. I am not comfortable going into specific details but we had 3 hours of erotic adult fun. My wife loves women and their touch and simply caught myself watching over and over the two of them together doing oh so sexy things!! It felt like we knew her for years. She has an amazing attitude and quiet confidence to match her toned, tight and insatiable body. We are longing to become regulars and already plan an extended two day visit in few weeks.

There will be zero disappointments with Mikayla in any aspect of your visit and if in town and need companionship she is well versed in many languages and intelligent, warm and welcoming.

Take her out on the city and watch other men and women eye you with jealous looks.

Then take her back and have one of the most satisfying evenings of your life. 


I had had the pleasure of seeing Mikayla last week and had a fabulous time with her. Mikayla is a premium companion , we booked for an early afternoon appointment. Fellas, she did not disappoint.

Showered me with compliments and catered to all my needs as well as some of hers.

Easy to speak to and wonderful chemistry between us look forward to booking with her again . 


I just saw again the most amazing girl. I had visited before in the past in the city.

Once again, I was not disappointed. She greeted me at the door in very sexy lingerie, beautiful smile, soft spoken voice with sexy accent and I new right away again, I was in for a treat. She really has the sexiest look. She sat me down on the couch and asked me what I like and what I want to do to make this time special for both. It is really pleasing to see an SP wanting to make my time special. Once we decided and we were happy, she asked me to freshen up with a quick shower, while she got ready for an explosive time.  She still keeps herself in shape as I remember and that’s what I like about her and makes her special. She provides a top service with class, sophistication and a very naughty time. The donation I paid was well worth it.

I will visit her again as she really is a gem.


Why did I not marry this girl? She was great the first time around, but the second time she blew my mind. She was more friendly, more open, more engaging and more into our session. It was a real GFE, much better than last time.

My God this woman has, hands down, the best ass I've had the opportunity to enjoy! I hate Kardasian type asses, they're just FAT asses accentuated by slim waists. Not for me. Mikayla is the best provider I've ever been with. She ticks all of the boxes for looks, front head to toe. She's tall, she's got a pretty face, she's got the best ass I've even seen, her man-mades aren't obscenely large and are just right for her frame. She's got a flat tummy and long legs. She's intelligent, has goals and loves travel for the sake of travel. Her attitude and how she engages me physically and verbally puts her over the top.

I could easily fall in love with her if given the opportunity.


Went to go see Mikayla today , scheduling was very easy done over text messages.Now what can I say about Mikayla that hasn't been said before the girl has a stunning face and an amazing body to go with it .

She has a nice set of boobs and a beautiful round bum !! Overall she went above and beyond to satisfy my needs.

Won't get into the details but will highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed 


I had the chance to meet Mikayla Sunday night, and she is incredible!
Beautiful, smart, and has the sexiest accent. 10s across the board.
I hope she continues to tour to Calgary, and I have the chance to connect with her again.

Tall R,

Booking was easy through text. I booked for a session two weeks in advance.

I saw her early in the morning and I thought her Incall was nice and tidy.

The pictures are completely accurate and I found her very attractive. I loved her accent.

The session was nice and relaxed and really felt like a true GFE experience.


Mikayla has a very lovely accent and the picture are definitely her. She stands 5’7ish and has model caliber curves. Love how she carries herself, just the way she moves really does it for me. She’s a work of art. She really does try and make the effort to create a connection with her clients and make them happy...Since I have met her, I haven’t had the need to see anyone else. When she is at ease and comfortable, it’s mind blowing. She extremely accommodating, pretty much everything she states in her ad, and a whole lot more.She’s straight up the most attractive woman I’ve ever spent time with. And her looks aren’t the only arrow in her quiver.


I just saw her earlier today. She's a very attractive European girl. Very slender body with an amazing ass and nice man made   (feels very real). I wonder how she manages to have such a model like slim body with nice round bubbly ass like that.
Mikayla has very positive laid back friendly attitude. We clicked right away and I think there's a great chemistry between us.
Throughout the session, the conversation between us was smooth and our physical connection was great as well.
After the main dish, she gave me an amazing massage. It felt so good that it almost made me fall asleep at the
Highly recommended and I have a feeling that she'll be one of ATFs soon. Can't wait for her to be back next month!


 I had a very specific request this time around and that was that I wanted her to wear black stockings and nothing else when she greeted me, among other things. She did, and I melted. She greeted me with the smile and energy of an old lover that I hadn't seen in a few months, which just so happens to be about how long she was gone. Funny, that. We immediately jumped into, or rather she initiated, a fantastic make out session that I wasn't particularly eager to end. There was something "more" about her GFE this time. I don't know what it was but it was intense, passionate, and maybe even real. We shared experiences about places we've both been to in Europe. I was hoping to meet up with her on a trip that had been cancelled so I'm feeling blessed that she returned here. Mikayla is by far my favorite SP of all time. She's gorgeous, has a wonderfully sexy accent, a body that is simply ridiculous and tastes as good as she looks and a very awesome personality which apparently gets even better the more she gets to know you. They should make a popsicle to name after her, Mikayla Berry.



Had the absolute pleasure of seeing Mikayla in Calgary. She is a European goddess with the beauty of a super model. Be careful not to slip trying to rush out of the shower to get things started! Everything was top notch, easy booking/communication, nice discreet incall, sexy outfit, perfect hygiene. Her services are a taste of heaven, she is silky smooth at everything she does. Mikayla is a must see.


Mikayla has a great online profile and is even better in person - both visually and as a person. We had a great date. She helped me shed the pressures of the day as we engaged in a great conversation which was only cut short by the trip inside. No details here as it's between us. But, all in all, a great time. Planning our next tryst and hope she sticks around for a while.


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